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Reproductions of Currier & Ives lithographs first appeared in the 1930�s and the practice of copying these 19th century prints continues to this day.

In addition to the reproduction prints, Currier & Ives images have been used on all sorts of items. Copies of their works have appeared on soap, after shave lotion, playing cards, whiskey bottles, popcorn canisters, beer cans, Christmas cards, plates & dinnerware, calendars, lamps, stove burner covers, cigar bands, and the list goes on. Currier & Ives never authorized nor did they produce any of these types of products.

Currier & Ives produced art prints, on sheets of paper, to be framed and enjoyed.

Do I have an original Currier & Ives print and how can I tell?
For tips on how to answer this question, read our on-line Identification Guide by Dr. Gary Kunkelman, which explains how to identify original Currier & Ives lithographs from later day reproductions.

You can also read our on-line Book List by George Cohenour which lists published works about Currier & Ives.

Currier & Ives Addresses: Currier & Ives moved locations a number of times during the years. Prints that do not carry a copyright date can be dated by comparing the printed store address to the years that address was used. The following table will help you approximate when a title was first printed.

Store Address Store Years Factory Address Factory Years
1 Wall Street 1835-1836 2 Spruce Street 1838-1866
148 Nassau Street 1836-1838 33 Spruce Street 1866-1907
152 Nassau Street 1838-1872
125 Nassau Street 1872-1874
123 Nassau Street 1874-1877
115 Nassau Street (pictured) 1877-1894
108 Fulton Street 1894-1896

Currier & Ives Artists: Currier & Ives both employed and contracted many notable artists of the day to create images and prepare lithograph stones. The following is a list of those artists.
James E. Butterworth
John Cameron
Nathaniel Currier
George Durrie
Eastman Johnson
Otto Knirsch
James Merritt Ives
Louis Maurer
France (Fanny) Palmer
Charles Parsons
Napoleon Sarony
J. Schultz
C. Severin
Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait
Franz Venino
William Walker
Thomas Worth

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