The Currier Family Photo Album

This page contains private photos and letters that belonged to Nat Currier, the grand nephew of Nathaniel Currier and Grandson of Charles Currier.

Most of these artifacts come from the estate of Ruth F. Walker, who was close friends with Nat Currier.

Nat and Ruth visited Manhattan often, especially Radio City, as Nat was friends with a few of the Rockettes. Nat and Ruth spent every summer in Old Lyme, Connecticut at the famous Boxwood Manor Inn on the Connecticut shore, They had a close knit circle of friends that they met there every year.

Ruth was also friends with Lura Currier, Nat's sister, who was named after Nathaniel Currier's second wife. Lura passed away in the late 60's.

Throughout the years, Nat passed on the Currier family history to Ruth. She faithfully kept all letters, photos, family bible and newspaper clippings found in Nat's home. Ruth passed away in March 2001, but left the cherished Currier family artifacts to her niece.

Nathaniel Currier.
Nathaniel Currier (c.1847)
Founder, Currier & Ives

Nathaniel Currier. Edward West Currier.
Nathaniel Currier and his son Edward West Currier (c.1865)

Lura (Ormsbee) Currier. Nathaniel Currier.
Lura (Ormsbee) Currier and Nathaniel Currier (c.1880)

Charles Currier. Elizabeth Clark Currier.
Charles Currier and Elizabeth (Clark) Currier (c.1865)
Charles was Nathaniel's younger brother and business associate
Charles was also James Merritt Ives' brother-in-law

Frank Edwin Currier. Charles Currier Jr. Probably John Currier.
Frank Edwin Currier (left)- Charles Currier Jr. (center) - (probably) Joseph Currier (right)
Sons of Charles Currier, undated

Charles Currier & Family on the 1870 Federal Census
Enumerated in the 21st Ward, Brooklyn, N.Y. September 6, 1870
Charles CurrierMChirographer51
Elizabeth CurrierFKeeps house44
Charles CurrierMClerk in store23
Joseph CurrierMCom Broker21
Hannah CurrierFHome18
Frank CurrierMHome16
Laura CurrierFHome14
Allice CurrierFHome12
John CurrierMHome5
Lillie CurrierFHome1
Nellie CurrierFHome1

2nd page of letter from Nat Currier to his nephews Frank E. Currier and John C. Currier where he loans them $1000 to set up a business
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